BA (Hons) International Football Business




There are currently over a hundred stadia across the world under planning and/or construction. This degree will help you gain an understanding and research:

  • different international stadia,
  • design processes,
  • pitch construction,
  • architectural challenges,
  • and other important factors such as health and safety constraints.

You will cover topics such as international retailing, international stadia and football infrastructures, the challenges of dealing with differing stakeholders, cultural differences and attitudes to corporate social responsibility. Lastly you will learn how to understand and formulate successful bids for global football competitions and events, developing your operational understanding of sports law with an international perspective, for example, international player transfers and migration and the development of a global strategy.

Degree content

The football business is a multi-billion pound global industry, which is growing exponentially all over the world. A country-by-country breakdown finds that the sports industry is growing faster than GDP both in fast-growing economies, such as the booming BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), and in more mature markets in Europe and North America. The key drivers which fuel this market growth will be studied. These include understanding the nature of ‘fandom’, the growth and development of the international football industry, and the development of a global strategy. There are over 200 member associations all over the world who each govern and manage football in their country. Therefore, you will examine all of the international licencing schemes and regulations of the Global Confederation (OFC, AFC, CONCACAF, CAF, UEFA, FIFA), along with the implications of cultural differences linked to commercial and sponsorship opportunities. To support your learning, there will be opportunities for work experience both in the UK and internationally, between your second and third year.

Furthermore, during your three years at UCFB Wembley, there will be opportunities to interact with global events at Wembley Stadium and Orlando City Soccer Club, Florida, thus applying your knowledge and increasing your competitive edge in the workplace. Your studies will provide you with an understanding of the broader global football industry and its history as well as contemporary challenges to provide a solid foundation for your degree. You will cover topics such as the nature of ‘fandom’, the growth and development of the international football industry and sports sponsorship specific to international markets. You will explore marketing in the football industry with an international perspective as well as an appraisal of the different types of league structures and franchises such as in the USA.

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