Jak napisać referencje dla kandydata na studia w Anglii?



If you have been asked to write a reference for an applicant, please read through the advice below before starting

These references are designed to provide universities and colleges with an informed and academic assessment of an applicant's suitability for further study. Universities are looking for the following key facts about a student: 

  • The student's academic performance in their post-16 education
  • Their potential for academic success in higher education
  • Why the course they have chosen is suited to them
  • Any personal qualities which will benefit them at university, such as skills, aptitude, enthusiasm
  • What they can bring to the university, such as extra-curricular activities and interests.
  • Read the whole Personal Statement  so that you can understand the applicant's intended career direction, chosen courses and preferred places of study. When writing your reference, you do not need to repeat any of the information that the student has given, unless you want to comment on it.
If you are writing a reference for an international applicant, please write in English. If the applicant's first language is not English, please comment on their ability to write and speak in English, and indicate if any of their studies were taught in English.

Short information about school

If the student's own situation is different to the typical school policy, it is helpful to give details of this. If you choose to enter details about the school, please ensure that they are succinct, as the reference should focus mainly on the applicant rather than the centre.

 Describe their suitability for the chosen courses

The most important part of your reference is your assessment of the applicant's suitability for the higher education courses they have chosen.
We recommend that you consider including the following points:

  • Proposed career ambitions, attitude, motivation and commitment. If relevant, your opinion on their suitability for this career path
  • Past achievement and current activities, with particular reference to subjects relating to the courses for which they are applying
  • Any supplementary information about their qualifications and study which they have not already described in their personal statement
  • Relevant curriculum enrichment and related skills such as work experience, voluntary work

Any factors, such as personal circumstances, that may have affected, or might affect their performance. Do not give information about an applicant's health or disability without their agreement.


How to provide the reference

The reference should be written using a standard word-processing package and should not exceed 4,000 characters (this includes spaces) or 47 lines (this includes blank lines), whichever is the shorter.

Unfortunately, you cannot use bold, italics, underlining or foreign characters (such as ą, ż, ć, ó) in the reference. If these types of formatting or foreign characters are used, they will be removed from the text.

Please email references directly to the university recruitment partner in Poland at: reference@studiawanglii.pl

Because it's an e-mail you don't have to sign it or scan it, but please give us your contact details  and the school address. That is enough. Thank you!


When writing a reference for any applicant, including those outside the UK, please remember that, under the Data Protection Act, the applicant can ask for a copy of the reference and any other personal information that we have about them.


source: www.ucas.com/advisers/online/references

to know more about the whole application process please see:

  1. UCAS.tv
  2. UCAS on Youtube
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