Dance Performance and Choreography MA (-)



University of Bedfordshire


About the course

This exceptional course is designed to enhance your professional skills in a range of artistic, academic, educational and community contexts.

It offers you the opportunity for professional level repertory performance practice, as well as creative and choreographic practice in an industry-focused academic environment, supporting your development as a professionally equipped, independent and self-sufficient dance practitioner and scholar.

Polish your practical, theoretical and professional skills in performance and/or choreographic practice using excellent studio, theatre and library facilities as well as our on-campus professional performance work as you enhance your future employability prospects.

Intermediate qualifications available:

  • Postgraduate certificate – 60 credits at Masters level
  • Postgraduate diploma – 120 credits at Masters level


Why choose this course?

  • Study with a dynamic and experienced team of tutors with internationally significant experience as academics, practice-led researchers and dance artists
  • Explore a range of career opportunities including: independent/freelance dance artist; independent or collaborative choreographer; educator in HE, FE, school or wider community and professional environments; consultant or researcher; or in screen-based performance as a performer in film/video industry, commercial sector or in independent film production
  • Develop your professional network through our existing relationships with key organisations such as; Arts Council England, regional and national dance agencies, Youth Dance England, dance development organisations, performance venues, professional dance companies, independent artists, community arts organisations, colleges and schools
  • Gain high-level practical, theoretical and professional skills in performance and/or choreographic practice to enhance or sustain your opportunities for employment
  • Benefit from a degree that aims to equip you with professional-level skills, abilities and knowledge in dance, as well as an advanced level of self-sufficiency and scholarship, enabling you to access wider employment options or continue to MPhil and PhD research degrees.

Unit Information – What Will I Learn?

  • Dance Research Project/Dissertation
  • Researching Dance
  • Inter-professional Working Project
  • Choreographic Research
  • Repertory and Performance
  • Somatic Practice
  • Dance for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Dancing Mind: Dance Psychology
  • Choreographic Practices

How will I be assessed?

Assessment drives the curriculum, and responds to course aims and learning outcomes by creating opportunities for you to demonstrate skills, knowledge and abilities through a diverse range of practical, creative and critically-informed contexts.

Assessment of practice mirrors professional working environments and expectations as far as possible, and tests skills and abilities as a means of enhancing and preparing for the demands of future employment.

This strategy places a premium on testing independent critical thinking as a catalyst for developing reflective and articulate artists, and independent and confident researchers.

Questions about fees?

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