Public Health & Community Studies BA (Hons) (54LL, 5KLL, LL45)


Coventry University

Public Health & Community Studies BA (Hons)

Requirements / Wymagania

Minimum 2 przedmioty na poziomie rozszerzonym (j. ang. się wlicza) - minimum 55%
J. angielski - minimum 75%
Średnia z matury 40% 40%
Certyfikat językowy IELTS opcjonalnie jeśli nie spełnisz powyższych wymagań z matury 6.0, żaden z komponentów nie może być niższy niż 5.5 -
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Public health is considered the science and art of promoting and protecting health and wellbeing, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society.
The Public Health & Community Studies BA (Hons) Degree has been designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to excel in a multidisciplinary community environment and to effectively support a variety of agencies, communities and individuals in promoting health and wellbeing.

With increased attention from government on the improvement of population health, this is an excellent time to study the underlying factors that contribute to ill health and how you as a practitioner can work to promote health and wellbeing as well as tackling the social inequalities within the localities you serve.

Why CU London

We are committed to delivering a modern university experience to all our students. Our unique timetable and teaching structure gives you flexibility and our small class sizes ensure students receive plenty of contact hours with tutors. We are also dedicated to making higher education accessible and enjoyable to everyone, so we kept our fees low, our timetable structured and made it a policy to cover one module at a time, allowing you to become a specialist in each topic before moving onto the next.


Course information

This Public Health & Community Studies BA (Hons) aims to teach the skills and knowledge relevant for progression into statutory, voluntary or private sectors. Opportunities can be found in areas that address the wider determinants of health, such as education, housing and transport by developing public approaches to promote health.

Throughout the course, you will address health inequalities, including tackling the damaging effects of smoking, alcohol, drugs and poor nutrition as well as analysing government initiatives.


Year one

This first year is designed to explore the core fundamentals of modern public health. Throughout the year, the programme aims to develop skills in decision making and information management, providing you with a solid foundation for further exploration in years two and three. Students who complete year one are awarded a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Public Health & Community Studies.

  • Communication Skills and Inclusive Practice
  • Community and Change
  • Contemporary Public Health
  • Lifespan Development

Year two

In this year, you will refine key analytical skills as you examine the ways in which social factors and institutions are constructed and represented and their implications on everyday life. Students who complete year two are awarded a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Public Health & Community Studies.

  • Social Divisions and Social Groups
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Lifestyle Trends, Health and Behaviour Change
  • Introduction to Social Science Research Methods

Placement year

Sandwich and placement years give you the opportunity to gain further insight into the industry or career you are seeking to follow. This enables you to contextualise the theoretical models and concepts discussed in the classroom in the workplace. Furthermore, if you choose to take advantage of a placement or sandwich year, this version of the degree will help to increase your employment prospects by acquiring skills and gaining an understanding of what employers expect of graduates.

Final year

This exciting year aims to enhance your existing knowledge, giving you a broad overview of research methods and processes that are used to study health or social factors in communities. This year examines the skills, behaviours and techniques of effective management and the role of leadership in relation to business themes. By the end of this year, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful leader, with the ability to identify the core processes and mechanisms that underpin innovation.

  • Social Policy and Welfare Provision
  • Leadership and Management in Public Health
  • Promoting Healthy Communities
  • Research Project

Why choose this course?

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a social entrepreneur by setting up your own organisation, or considered how you can make a positive change in the community, our course will equip you with all the skills, knowledge and experience needed to start your journey into the public health sector.


Located on the Coventry University campus, you will have access to our Library and Learning Services (LLS), fully equipped seminar rooms and impressive IT suites. Plus, you can take advantage of reading rights in Coventry University’s Lanchester Library, make use of sport centre facilities and receive full membership to Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU).


This course has been developed and is taught by practising professionals and industry experts. Our academics bring a wealth of expertise to the classroom with many continuing to undertake research and other projects alongside teaching, meaning our students gain a well-rounded and relevant teaching experience.

Practical Experience

Throughout your studies, you will find that the course is underpinned with practical elements. In previous years, students have visited a variety of public institutions, such as the Museum of Mental Health, Parliament, housing charities and CU Social Enterprise to experience modern organisations and how they operate in the public sector.


At CU London, we put a strong focus on getting our graduates ready to enter the job market. This can be done in a variety of ways—one key element is work placements. With this degree, you are given the opportunity to undertake short and long-term placements in between the second and third year. 

Study themes

Your main study themes are:

  • Inequality: Inequalities in health run throughout the programme. You will look at several factors that contribute to the inequality, such as geographical locations and financial incomes. You will critically appraise inequalities and learn to identify bias and injustice in communities.
  • Social Determinants: Social Determinants are key to public health practice and can affect communities and public health. Themes explored in this programme include, infrastructure, classism, education, social networks and area of residency.
  • Vulnerable Communities: You will develop the ability to identify vulnerable communities. Many communities that suffer from bad health are vulnerable; you will be able to critically assess significant correlations and demonstrate how help and support can be provided to encourage better health.
  • Social Enterprise: Throughout the course you are encouraged to develop independently and academically, through reflection, information searching and experimental projects. You will learn to work autonomously, understand and assess communities critically and create solutions confidently.

On completion

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the theoretical, analytical and practical aspects of legislation, strategies and policies within a changing environment, to meet stakeholder interests.
  • Critically appraise theories related to the development of a health promotion strategy, considering social determinants that could influence the effectiveness.
  • Develop appropriate research and analysis techniques, alongside the ability to undertake reliable market research activities.
  • Operate, lead and collaborate in a team to solve problems of a practical (experimental) nature and to provide appropriate solutions.
  • Apply appropriate presentation and evaluation tools to establish the significance of research data produced.


How much does it cost?

Full-time course is: £6,178 (per year).  

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