Preparation for IELTS Undergraduate Course (-)




University of Bedfordshire

Preparation for IELTS Undergraduate Course

Requirements / Wymagania

Matematyka  minimum 50%  -
Ogólna średnia 60% ze wszystkich przedmiotów na maturze (ustne, pisemne, poziom podstawowy i rozszerzony) minimum 60% minimum 60%
J. angielski minimum 60% ustny i pisemny -
Certyfikat językowy IELTS opcjonalnie jeśli nie spełnisz powyższych wymagań z matury - średnia 5.5 z minimum 5.5 w każdej części -
- - -

About the course

This course enables you to enhance your language and academic skills to help you in your future studies or your chosen career.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is well known worldwide and is respected by employers and academic institutions.

Why choose this course?

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand a range of written texts, including recognition of opinion, tone, purpose and attitude
  • Produce non-specialised types of text, such as articles, essays, letters and reports
  • Participate in discussions and express thoughts coherently, using appropriate grammatical structures and lexical range
  • Understand a range of spoken communication including media broadcasts, lectures, speeches and interviews
  • Apply knowledge of English grammar systems and lexical conventions to your oral and written work to communicate the desired message
  • Recognise and anticipate each of the papers of the IELTS examination and develop strategies for each paper
  • Apply to sit the IELTS exam


Unit Information – What Will I Learn?

Preparation for IELTS

Courses run throughout the year, day time and evening, usually 4 hours per week.

We also run intensive courses (subject to demand) and these usually run for 3 weeks, 15 hours per week.

Features include:

  • A highly communicative course
  • Use of academic language
  • All four language skills covered: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Preparation for further academic studies or future career
  • Practising exam techniques 

How will I be assessed?

You will undertake a range of tasks designed to support the development of all four language skills required in the IELTS exam, whether it is for your future studies, or to progress in your career.

You will submit course work regularly and this will include developing fluency in your written work, consolidating your knowledge of grammatical and lexical structures and preparation of information to present orally to the group.

A mid-point assessment will test your ability in all four language skills and your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. This will be based on real IELTS exam tasks.

Your final assessment will be a ‘mock’ test, conducted internally, based on the IELTS exam format, and testing your ability in the four language skills

The external examination is not compulsory, however, advice will be given on appropriate test dates and centres. 

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