Drama - Combined Subjects (Major, Dual and Minor) BA/BSc (Hons) (-)




University of Sunderland

Drama - Combined Subjects (Major, Dual and Minor) BA/BSc (Hons)

Requirements / Wymagania

PRZEDMIOT (co najmniej 2 przedmioty na poziomie rozszerzonym) POZIOM PODSTAWOWY POZIOM ROZSZERZONY
Matura podstawowa oraz rozszerzona Ogólna średnia ze wszystkich przedmiotów minimum 60% (podstawowe i/lub rozszerzone) Ogólna średnia ze wszystkich przedmiotów minimum 60% (podstawowe i/lub rozszerzone)
Stara matura ocena minimum 3 -
J. angielski minimum 80% minimum 50%
Certyfikat językowy IELTS opcjonalnie jeśli nie spełnisz powyższych wymagań z matury - minimum 6.0 -
- - -

Course overview 

Studying Drama at undergraduate level combines academic study and performance. You'll build excellent theoretical knowledge, and then develop this with live projects and performances.

A combined degree allows you to create a bespoke course that suits your interests and aspirations. You can make Drama a third, half, or two thirds of your degree. Popular combinations with Drama include Dance, English, and Education Studies.


Why us?

  • Dedicated studios and rehearsal space with state-of-the-art lighting
  • A distinctively flexible course structure offering a wide range of subjects
  • Combined degrees allow you to create the perfect course for you
  • A unique approach to generic and employability skills and a stand-out student experience

Modular structure

You can choose to take Drama as a major, minor or dual subject. A major/minor combination involves taking two thirds of your credits in the major subject, and one third in the minor subject. With a dual combination you take an equal number of credits in both subjects.

Your award classification is determined by the major subject. If you take a dual combination with one subject that is a BA and one which is a BSc, the award of BA or BSc is decided by which subject you choose for your final project or dissertation.

As there are so many combinations, the Key Information Sets (KIS) for this course are held on another page. Please see the Combined Subjects section of the website for more information.

Year 1 (national level 4):

Optional modules:

  • Theatre for Social Change (20 credits)
  • The Theory and Practice of Performer Training (20 credits)
  • Contemporary Playwrights (20 credits)
  • Theatre Production 1 (20 credits)

Year 2 (national level 5):

Core module for all routes:

  • Key Theatre Practitioners (20 credits)

Optional modules:

  • From Page to Stage (20 credits)
  • Live Project (20 credits)
  • Theatre Production 2 (20 credits)

    Final year (national level 6):

Core module for all routes:

  • Contemporary Theatre Practice (20 credits)
  • Additional core module for Major and Dual routes:
  • Negotiated Independent Study (20 credits)

Optional modules:

  • Practical Approaches to Shakespeare (20 credits)
  • Acting and Directing for Performers (20 credits)
  • Applied Theatre and Drama (20 credits)
  • Live Project (20 credits)

Fees and funding

The annual fee for this course is:

  • £9,250 if you are from the UK or EU
  • £10,750 if you are from outside the EU

If you are not sure whether you qualify as a UK, EU or international student, find out more in our Help and Advice article.

Take a look at the Your Finances section to find out about the scholarships and bursaries that may be available to you.

Questions about fees?

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