Fashion Product and Promotion BA (Hons) (WN25)




University of Sunderland

Fashion Product and Promotion BA (Hons)

Requirements / Wymagania

PRZEDMIOT (co najmniej 2 przedmioty na poziomie rozszerzonym) POZIOM PODSTAWOWY POZIOM ROZSZERZONY
Matura podstawowa oraz rozszerzona Ogólna średnia ze wszystkich przedmiotów minimum 60% (podstawowe i/lub rozszerzone) Ogólna średnia ze wszystkich przedmiotów minimum 60% (podstawowe i/lub rozszerzone)
Stara matura ocena minimum 3 -
J. angielski minimum 80% minimum 50%
Certyfikat językowy IELTS opcjonalnie jeśli nie spełnisz powyższych wymagań z matury - minimum 6.0 -
- - -

Course overview 

BA (Hons) Fashion Product and Promotion is broken down into the following subject areas and covers each area in depth:

Fashion: Concepts, theories and hands – on projects, event management, portfolio development, illustration, photography & styling

Product: Understanding the fashion design process from concept to creation, garment construction and accessories design

Promotion: Branding, marketing, retail concepts and consumer research


Why us?

  • You have access to a large range of industry standard equipment and resources
  • External examiner's report and very high scores in NSS survey support that we have a team of very experienced and dedicated staff who are committed to students' personal development
  • The direct value of the UK fashion industry to the UK economy is £26 billion; up from £21 billion in 2009
  • There are already more than 800,000 people working in fashion in the UK
  • This course is unique in the North-East, offering a broad based study of the wider fashion industry, underpinned with core digital skills which prepare students to enter a variety of exciting job roles

Teaching and Assessment

Teaching is almost entirely practical and studio based, supported by lectures, seminars, tutorials, e-learning and independent learning. Assessment is almost totally through coursework.

Part-time study

If you study this course on a part-time basis you will typically complete 40-80 credits in a year, rather than the 120 credits of full-time students. All modules are taught during the day time and you will be studying alongside full-time students.

Modular structure

Year 1 (national level 4):

  • Introduction to Fashion Product (40 credits)
  • Introduction to Design Practice and Fashion Promotion (60 credits)
  • Design Theory 1 (20 credits)

Year 2 (national level 5):

  • Advanced Fashion Product (40 credits)
  • Advanced Fashion Promotion (40 credits)
  • Advanced Fashion Illustration and Portfolio (20 credits)
  • Design Theory 2 (20 credits)

    Final year (national level 6):

  • Professional Portfolio (40 credits)
  • Design Research Project (20 credits)
  • Design - Major Final Portfolio (60 credits)

Fees and funding

The annual fee is:

  • £9,250 if you are from the UK / EU

Part-time fees

Tuition fees for part-time students are £4,880 per 120 credits.

Please note that part-time courses are not available to international students who require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK.

If you are not sure whether you qualify as a UK, EU or international student, find out more in our Help and Advice article.

Take a look at the Your Finances section to find out about the scholarships and bursaries that may be available to you.

Questions about fees?

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