PhD by Existing Published or Creative Work PhD (CID1183)




University of Sunderland

PhD by Existing Published or Creative Work PhD

Course overview 

For a PhD by Existing Published or Creative Work, you will write a commentary of up to 20,000 words that demonstrates how your research outputs have contributed to new knowledge. The outputs should represent the equivalent of at least three years of full-time work. Ultimately the examiners have to be convinced that your methodological approaches are appropriate and that your outputs represent a significant and coherent contribution to the field.

Once you have gained your doctorate, you will be in a stronger position to progress your academic career. Increasingly, a doctorate is an essential requirement for recruitment and promotion in university teaching roles. A PhD also adds credibility in applications for research funding.

You have the option to study this programme at our Sunderland campus or via distance learning.


Why us?

  • A PhD is “probably the most internationally transferable qualification” according to the Higher Education Policy Institute
  • Typically, candidates are academics with high-quality research outputs who have not previously undertaken a PhD
  • This is the fastest route to a PhD, usually taking less than 12 months to complete
  • Based on outputs that you have already produced, such as articles in peer-reviewed journals 

Fees and funding

The annual fee for this course is:

  • £3,860 if you are from the UK or EU

Questions about fees?

Contact our Student Centre on:

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