Assessment Only Route to QTS Short course (CID1099)




University of Sunderland

Assessment Only Route to QTS Short course

Course overview 

The Assessment Only Route to QTS is for experienced teachers, who have been teaching whole classes for a minimum of two years. For entry to the award you will need to have been teaching in at least two schools, normally for at least two years and across one of the following age ranges: 3-11 (primary), 7-14 (middle) or 11-19 (secondary).

The Assessment Only Route to QTS allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the Teacher's Standards for QTS. The assessment period is a maximum of 12 weeks. We will ask you to present detailed preliminary evidence at interview – then for the final recommendation for QTS we will assess your teaching – normally at the school where you are currently working.

Typical applications to this route include people who have taught for more than two years in the independent sector or overseas. The Assessment Only Route to QTS may be possible to undertake if you wish to be assessed while teaching overseas, normally in a British International School.

If you are awarded QTS, the next step is to undertake a year as a newly qualified teacher. This includes a personalised programme of professional support and further assessment against the core professional standards for teachers normally organised by your employing school or local authority.


Why us?

  • The University of Sunderland is an accredited provider for the Assessment Only Route to QTS. More details are available from the Department for Education.

Teaching and Assessment

 Assessment takes place in the school where you are employed.

Assessment periods are for a maximum of 12 weeks. We provide an individualised assessment plan to suit your requirements which includes the recommended assessment period. If we consider that a longer period would be beneficial, we will advise you to consider applying for one of our ITT training courses.


Fees and funding

The fee for this course is:

  • £1,750 plus assessor expenses as required

Questions about fees?

Contact our Student Centre on:

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