Historical Research MA (CID1261)




University of Sunderland

Historical Research MA

Course overview 

Deepen your understanding of history and the nature of historical research with this challenging and rewarding MA degree.

You’ll develop excellent skills as an independent researcher, which will be invaluable for a career in either academia or industry.


Why us?

  • ‘Internationally excellent' research, according to the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Gain practical experience in organising an academic symposium
  • Be part of a friendly and supportive academic department

Modular structure

This course is taught with a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching. Face-to-face sessions will generally take the form of seminars or workshops. Online activities will include discussion forums and short written exercises. Your progress will be assessed with essays, presentations, online portfolios, and your final dissertation.

Compared to an undergraduate course, you will find that this Masters course requires a higher level of independent working.

Please note that not all options will be available every year, as they are dependent on the size of the student cohort and the availability of staff. In any one academic year no more than three optional modules will be offered. Optional modules all run in Semester 2.

Core modules:

  • History in the past (15 credits)
  • Historians on History (15 credits)
  • History in the past (15 credits)
  • Historians on History (15 credits)
  • Dissertation Feasibility study (30 credits)
  • The profession of the historian (15 credits)
  • The Profession of the historian (Symposium/Webinar) (15 credits)
Dissertation modules:
  • History Dissertation (60 credits)
  • Extended History Dissertation (90 credits)
Optional modules:

These optional modules are for students who choose the 60 credit History Dissertation:

  • Britain Between the Wars: The Changing Party System
  • Britain Between the Wars: The Challenges of the Inter War Years
  • Foundations of Liberty - Obedience and Resistance
  • Foundations of liberty - Religious toleration
  • Human Rights in History: Ideas and Movements
  • Human Rights in History: Organizations, Activists and Campaigns
  • Law, Family and Community Relations 1550-1800
  • Law, Treason and Rebellion 1550-1800
  • Revolution in Science and Art 1870-1920
  • Revolution in Science and Art 1870-1920
  • Suicide Until the Reformation
  • Suicide Since the Reformation

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