21st Century Media Practice MA (ADT069)


Coventry University

21st Century Media Practice MA


This course runs from 2017/18

The MA in 21st Century Media Practice (formerly Media Production MA) aims to provide the ground for producing new and innovative forms of practice in media production that are socially, politically, economically and ethically engaged with everyday life. Joining a participatory and engaged community of practice is what makes the course a special and stimulating experience.

Why choose this course? 

The MA is committed to opening up media education and practice to current debates and the massive changes occurring within the media landscape.

You will be involved in practical hands-on projects throughout the course using our extensive media resources.

Projects are based on a structured approach to research, writing, presentation and production.


What will I learn? 

Students are taken seriously as media producers. The course offers a creative space in which experimental and innovative ways of working can be accommodated.

It is based in critical practice and invites the students to respond to the problems of media production now and how it has been shaped by key historical practitioners.

By making students as much aware of the historical contingencies as they are of the latest practical, technological and theoretical developments within the profession, the MA in 21st Century Media Practice seeks to equip them with the means to construct new forms of material imagination.

This imagination is, by definition, a form of shared social and political engagement with the world.


  • Critical Media Praxis;
  • Emergent Media Praxis;
  • Sensory Praxis;
  • Narrative Forms;
  • Final Project.

How will this course enhance my career prospects? 

With its emphasis on media futures and media business, this MA is ideal for you whether you are a graduate continuing from your BA or someone in the industry who wants time and space in a supportive yet rigorous atmosphere to look at where and how you want to work next.


How much does it cost?

Full-time Home and EU: £6,212

Questions about fees?

Contact our Student Centre on:


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