BA (Hons) English and Film-Sandwich (QP3J)




Southampton Solent University

BA (Hons) English and Film-Sandwich

Requirements / Wymagania

PRZEDMIOT (co najmniej 2 przedmioty na poziomie rozszerzonym) POZIOM PODSTAWOWY POZIOM ROZSZERZONY
Średnia z matury ze wszystkich przedmiotów na poziomie podstawowym i rozszerzonym 50% 50%
Z matury z jednego przedmiotu rozszerzonego - 50%
Certyfikat językowy IELTS opcjonalnie jeśli nie spełnisz powyższych wymagań z matury - minimum 6.0 -

About the course

Are you interested in the studying at the point where film and literary theory meet? This interdisciplinary degree will enable you to combine critical analysis of films and literary texts with various practical filming projects. Upon graduation, you may wish to pursue a career in publishing, writing, PR, advertising, TV, media, journalism, management, administration or research for film and TV. This course is also a suitable platform for those who wish to pursue postgraduate study.

In the 2017 National Student Satisfaction (NSS) Survey the English studies subject area, which includes BA (Hons) English and Film, ranked 13th out of 92 universities for overall satisfaction.

Southampton Solent University’s English and film students are taught these skills by a course team with expertise in screenwriting, production and directing. The academic staff are responsible for a range of published work and maintain strong ties to the industry.

This course integrates critical analysis and research into film and film practice with insights into working in the film industry. This helps students develop an understanding of how films are planned, developed and creatively executed, allowing them to achieve a critical understanding of how film theory can be married to film practice.

In the past, this style of learning has been facilitated by a programme of guest lectures and masterclasses delivered by professionals in the film, writing and publishing industries.

Alongside these special guests, regular lectures and seminars help students to understand literature, literary genres, writing and production styles in the context of different periods of literary and film history.

To help enable students study, Solent is home to a multi-million pound media academy which offers access to some of the most up-to-date media technology. Facilities include TV studios, editing suites and high-end video laboratories. Students are also able to access our on-site 3D cinema and an extensive film and television library.


What does this course lead to?

You’ll learn the transferable and practical skills you need to work in a number of communication-based industries, including teaching, journalism, programme research, copywriting, information management and film criticism.

Who is this course for?

This full-time undergraduate programme is ideal for students who are interested in applying literary theory to contemporary and classic cinema. Candidates should be keen readers with a passion for cinema.

Modular structure

Year one:

Core units

  • Cultural Fragments
  • Adapting the Novel
  • Making and Reading Poetry
  • Writing with Power: Professional Practice in English
  • Framing Film
  • Exploring Film History
  • Screenwriting: From Pitch to Page

Year two:

Core units

  • Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
  • Playtexts in Context
  • Empire and Industry in 19th-Century Literature
  • The Business of Independent Publishing
  • Spectacular Cinema: Vision-Power
  • Film Theory and Criticism
  • Literature & Film of the New World

Year three:

Core units

  • Shock Value: Modernism to Post-Modernism
  • Dissertation/Major Project


  • Work Experience: English
  • Freelancing with Solent Creatives
  • On the Road: An Introduction to Travel Narrative
  • Radical Re-Readings
  • Criminal Texts
  • Minority Experiences in American Literature
  • On the Road: An Introduction to Travel Narrative
  • Cinefantastic: Dreams and Nightmares
  • The Time Machine
  • Cine-Extreme: the Cultural Politics of Transgression
  • Sex on Screen
  • Acting and Performance
  • The Musical
  • Contemporary British Film
  • After 9/11: Film, Television and Culture
  • The Director
  • Curriculum Plus

Please note: Not all optional units are guaranteed to run each year. 

Fees and costs

The tuition fees for the 2018/19 academic year are:

  • UK, EU and Channel Island full-time fees: £9,250 per year
  • UK, EU and Channel Island sandwich year fees: £1,385

Questions about fees?

Contact our Student Centre on:

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