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Organisational Security Management

Requirements / Wymagania


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60% 60% 


50% 40%
J. angielski 90% oraz min. 90% z części ustnej lub 60%

Course Overview

Please note that this course is subject to validation.

The BA (Hons) Organisational Security Management programme is designed to provide a degree qualification for those who wish to enter the security industry and develop a management career. You will be given the opportunity to develop the theoretical and applied knowledge that is essential, when combined with role experience, to become a confident and highly capable Organisational Security Manager.

Security and management have a crucial role to play in limiting the impacts of threats upon every organisation, whether profit or not for profit, public or private sector. This course aims to help you develop forward-looking management processes with realistic and flexible security planning, providing an organisation with the ability to evaluate threats and risks. You will then be able to put in place, effective countermeasures and associated processes and procedures.

Planning to anticipate, manage and mitigate the impacts of threats must also be prioritised in consultation with the business. It is natural for every organisational function to assume that it is the most important whereas there are various ‘core’ and ‘supporting’ functions which will require differing priority for treatment in accordance with their criticality to the organisation. This programme aims to help you develop security management processes in order to decide what is most important to protect but with a clear focus on the overall organisational need.


Course Details

The BA (Hons) Organisational Security Management programme aims to develop your knowledge, skills and analytical ability to enable you to enter successful careers in security. Learning objectives are met by a combination of lecture inputs, seminars, self-study and directed research. You are required to work both individually and in groups in this full-time attendance degree.

In the first year you will be introduced to the core areas of security requirements and gain a foundation of knowledge and skills to build towards graduation through lectures, classroom-based activities and independent learning. Seminars will provide a forum where you can engage with the subject, clarify issues and begin to discuss subject matter.

What are my career prospects

On successful completion of the programme employment opportunities stretch across a range of sectors with security management needs all based upon the range of areas covered during the course. The vocational relevance of knowledge, skills and assessment are important factors in the teaching and learning methods of this degree. Management in the security sector encompasses a range of activities from project management to board level participation, it is anticipated that this programme will provide you with the capability and confidence to maximise the opportunities available in dynamic and risk-charged organisational environments.

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