BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Therapy

Course overview

Sports and Exercise Therapists aim to maximise peoples’ physical potential in performance, sports and life.

  • Sports and Exercise Therapy BSc (Hons) is accredited by the Society of Sports Therapists (SST)
  • Dedicated Sports Therapy Clinic run by final year students under the supervision of staff
  • Study in the multi-million-pound Alison Gingell Building with specialist sports therapy suite, physiology and biomechanics laboratories and industry-standard equipment
  • Excellent current staff links with sporting organisations, events, local sports teams and clinics

Why you should study this course

Sports and Exercise Therapists work with clients through rehabilitation to achieve maximum performance. Currently accredited by the Society of Sports Therapists (SST), this course aims to examine the musculoskeletal system, exercise physiology, treatment and rehabilitation skills with an emphasis on performance underpinned by sports science principles.

With access to a dedicated Sports Therapy Clinic, where you will have the chance to engage with public clients from year two onwards (subject to availability), you’ll be taught in fully equipped sports therapy suites, and physiology and biomechanics labs. These feature gold-standard equipment such as Alter G treadmill, Isokinetic Dynamometry, bod-pod and Vicon 3D motion analysis.

Our current team of expert practitioners – who continue to work in the industry, engage in active research and clinical practice – will support you and aim to help you to develop the skills needed to become an accredited Sports and Exercise Therapist* upon graduation.

You will explore the structure and function of the human body and how to employ a variety of therapy techniques including massage, soft tissue manipulation and exercise programmes. This will be expanded to include joint mobilisation techniques and management of acute emergency situations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the application of scientific disciplines such as psychology and nutrition to your clients.

You will have the opportunity to complete incremental placements throughout your studies and apply for a placement year nationally or study abroad year internationally*. You will also have the opportunity to volunteer to support a wide range of events throughout the community during your time with us*. Previous students have provided support at events such as the World and British Transplant Games and have worked with a variety of elite sports teams including Wasps RFC, Southampton Football Club and Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team.

There are a number of opportunities for you to engage in independent research projects to give you the chance to further develop your employability skills as well as opportunity for assessments to obtain industry-related qualifications. This includes the first aid certificate (following successful completion of the Preparation for Practice module), which should enable you to undertake first responder work experience with our sports teams (subject to availability).

How you’ll learn

You will be taught through a mixture of interactive practical sessions, lectures, supervised clinical experience, lab-based skills development, seminars, problem-based learning, and tutorials. In our student-led clinic you will have the opportunity to work alongside other professional practitioners as part of a multi-disciplinary team, with the chance to practice your skills throughout your studies. Alongside your core teaching sessions, you will have opportunities to work in small learning sets to work with your peers and practice your emerging skills amongst each other. You will be supported to develop a confident and professional approach to physical examination both as a practitioner and a participant which aims to enhance your learning. You will receive individualised supervision during your final project and placements where appropriate.

Alongside your core teaching sessions, you will have opportunities to work in small learning sets to work with your peers and practice your emerging skills amongst each other. You will be supported to develop a confident and professional approach to physical examination both as a practitioner and a participant which aims to enhance your learning. You will receive individualised supervision during your final project and placements where appropriate.

During the undergraduate degree you will have the opportunity to experience a higher level of supervised teaching and practical hours in year 1 (level 4), decreasing each year as you should develop and become self-guided and independent in preparation for post undergraduate life.

  • In a typical year 1 teaching week, you will have around 13 ‘contact’ hours of study. This generally breaks down into lectures, practical sessions and tutorials.
  • In a typical year 2 teaching week, you will have around 10 contact hours of study. This generally breaks down into lectures, practical sessions, project meetings and applied clinical experience.
  • In a typical year 3 teaching week, you will have around 11 contact hours of study. This generally breaks down into lectures, clinical experience and project meeting.

In addition, you will be expected to undertake a further 18 hours each week studying and revising in your own time including some guided study using handouts, online activities, etc.


Assessments are tailored towards the nature of the role in industry – as such these will be more practical in nature. The programme of study will include written components building towards the generation of a dissertation or written project. There will also be practical components culminating in a final clinical examination of a client. This viva has been commended as the Gold Standard of examination by the accrediting body.

This course will be assessed using a variety of methods which could vary depending upon the module. Assessment methods include practical exams, coursework, tests, essays and practical or project work.

The Coventry University Group assessment strategy ensures that our courses are fairly assessed and allows us to monitor student progression towards the achieving the intended learning outcomes. Assessments may include exams, individual assignments or group work elements.

Job ready

The multi-disciplinary and applied nature of this degree course aims to prepare you for a potential future career in sport or exercise, including scientific support, exercise training, health promotion and rehabilitation.

On successful completion, graduates of the Sports and Exercise Therapy course will have forward-thinking knowledge of:

  • Recognition and evaluation
  • Movement dysfunction
  • Injury risk reduction
  • Management, treatment, and referral protocols
  • Prehabilitation and rehabilitation
  • Education and professional practice issues
  • The role of Sports and Exercise Therapy in a wider clinical or field setting

With this underpinning knowledge, successful graduates should be able to:

  • Transfer their knowledge and high professional standards to work within a therapy clinic or sports club setting.
  • Act as an autonomous professional first responder who can rehabilitate and optimise movement and performance to reduce risk of injury.
  • Design, run, and evaluate research projects in an ethical manner.
  • Progress to further study to include a range of masters and PhD level opportunities.

International Experience Opportunities

Our sandwich degree option allows a full-year work placement, which can be taken abroad, or you can undertake a study-year abroad*.

Students can elect to undertake a study abroad or work experience year after their second year of study. Past students in our School have been successful in securing places in Spain, France, Canada and the US. The Society of Sports Therapists (SST) also runs a travelling scholarship scheme for student members, which enables successful applicants to work abroad in various clinics or educational establishments (subject to additional costs and for further requirements and eligibility please visit the SST website).

We also try to ensure there is an international perspective to course content and have previously visited the World Transplant Games in Argentina and participated in online international learning (OIL) projects with places such as Hong Kong.

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